Dr. Rita Kiki Edozie


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Dr. Rita Kiki Edozie

Samba | @sambaseck | 08-02-2020

Dr. Rita Kiki Edozie explores African affairs, racism in America, and the African Continental Free Trade Agreement in the era of COVID 19.

Dr. Rita Kiki Edozie is an expert in African affairs and politics, global development, comparative democratization, international relations, international political economy, race, and identity.

Dr. Edozie is a professor of Global Governance at the Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security, and Global Governance, and an Associate Dean at McCormack Graduate School.

She holds a Ph.D. in politics and has been a teacher-scholar and an academic administrator of graduate education and undergraduate studies for about twenty years.

Dr. Edozie has published several books, journal articles, and book chapters. She is currently working on her latest book, Africa’s New Role in Global Politics, to be published in 2021.

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