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Unmuted Africa is a weekly Pan-African podcast. We publish a new episode every Tuesday for free.
Here, we discuss Pan-Africanism and the experiences of people of African descent. What are our stories? What are our experiences like in the world? How different are the struggles on the continent and in the diaspora? Do those struggles make us different or do they unify us? What’s the role of a united Africa in all of that?
What’s its potential?

You will hear from historians, economists, journalists, educators, game-changers, and everyday people explore our past and present, our challenges, and trials, but also our hope for Africa and for Humanity.

If you’re interested in that, welcome, you’ve come to the right place. Plus, we also run bonus episodes on heroes, visionaries, and great thinkers of African descent.
Unmuted Africa tries to find answers to those questions because the African world lost a huge opportunity for a real unity in the sixties. Perhaps we are witnessing another opportunity today.

African people are scattered across the globe. Unmuted Africa explores the state of the Black World, and solutions to our common problems.

Join Unmuted Africa to find the bridge between us, the kinship we all share.

about the host

Samba is the creator, producer, and host of the “Unmuted Africa” podcast. 

Samba is a data restoration engineer in New York where he lives with his family.

Pan-Africanist at heart, he absolutely advocates for an Africa-centered worldview

Samba is also a WordPress web designer.
You can find him here.

Music by Lousso Boy

Lousso Boy is a talented young rapper from Senegal

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